... if nothing works ...

there is an urgent medial help need from a professional!

"Hope is the pillar of the world."

African proverb.

At the end of a therapy people sometimes still needs medial help.
Likewise, people who do not know how to go on,
or when important decisions have to be taken.

It's about luck, success, health and more.
The human being in at the center of all of it.

Are you urgently looking for immediate help and do you feel addressed?


Immediate medial help

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Lucas Scherpereel

Healer. Clairvoyant.

My patients report the disappearance of some long-standing complaints after a few treatments. Doctors and specialists found medicine and therapies superfluous. Depression and burn-outs get resolved, as well as fears, addictions, severe infections, autoimmune and cancer.

Medial counseling and immediate medical help is your great opportunity and will cause wonderful healings, cleansing and changes in a person's life.

What am I doing?

It is always good to know who to trust to in important decisions, economic and financial matters, professional, private and health matters::

I, Lucas, are here for you.

As a healer of many other healers, psychologists, physicians and non-medical practitioners, I have been offering a deep and practice-oriented education up to the advanced healing for many years. As a healer for those who seek help and do not know any further, I would like to give courage to all ambitious people and offer any kind of support in case of occurring blocks during the healing process.

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel

In general, I offer help seekers in distress and despair, who no longer know and need urgent help, healing and support, immediate medical help, assistance and advice.

There are daily things in life that supposedly do not exist and that we also do not want to have. Cursings, black, white or red magic, voodoo, foreign and negative energies of all kinds or the presence of a spirit - these are the best known. These energies block and paralyze people. There is nothing left.

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel
Etna has always brought us emotions with its eruptions and lava spades. Even at the highest level of healing, emotions and flowing energies are an absolute requirement in helping.

Blockages and illnesses that appear suddenly and are difficult to treat classically medically are also included.

You will see that there are solutions to almost everything, even if our minds can not believe it.

I, Lucas, do not promise you anything, but I undertake everything in my possibilities.

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel
Rainbows combines desire and healing with a great hope.

Who am I?

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel

Lucas Scherpereel

Healer. Clairvoyant.

Many people, including those from the medical, psychological and religious fields, seek my help, my support and my assistance. That includes professionals from art, cultur, politics and economy.

Everyone is looking for healing, help and solutions for themselves. For the family, also for friends, acquaintances and colleagues. They come from everywhere, from abroad and overseas. They often do not find the way to me by accident.

Recommendation and word of mouth says more than scatter advertising in all channels.

My double clairvoyance and faith in the Almighty enables you to accept and solve your problems. In almost all situations of life. "Beyond" contacts play an important role in solution tasks.

How do I work?

Everything starts in my brain. The work is performed exclusively mentally and synchronized with the two halves of the brain of those seeking help. It does not matter where you are.

With simultaneous meditation of varying intensity and duration, the work is combined with rituals from ancient family tradition. In this way of working, the healing and help is faster, more efficient and safer than previously known healing methods.

For the future, this "mental technology Suprême" brings unexpected possibilities and far-reaching successes.

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel

Case studies of recoveries

My patients report the disappearance of some long-standing complaints after a few treatments. Doctors and specialists come to me or send me patients. Medication and therapies become superfluous. It resolved depression and burn-outs, fears and addictions, as well as severe infections, autoimmune deficits and cancer.

I am also open to people who seek help through the purification of the soul, because they are plagued by occupation, magic of all kinds, cursings and bad wishings.

"The soul exists beyond space and time, has no gender, nor age or form. It is a pure, primal expression of Infinite Love. The soul knows neither depression, fear, pain, anger or any other shadow. She is the essence of who you really are."


William Shakespeare

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel


Back in life. Lifesaving - Thank you for giving me life again with the help of God. I know now that I only had a few months left.

Mrs. H.from Frankfurt

Grandma's depression are gone - For years, Grandma wanted to stay in bed all day. After three days of mental work, she had her will to live back, on the fifth day she wanted to do small gardening.

Mrs. E. (daughter)from Hungary

Desire to have a baby fulfilled - In the case of Ms S., a gynecological admission examination at a hospital in Munich revealed a cystic abdomen. She wished she had children. First, a laparoscopy with abscess opening on the right ovary and fallopian tubes was done. In the hospital one pleaded further for a "in each case meaningful" bilateral fallopian tube removal. But Ms. S. refused, insisting on organ preservation. And addressed Lucas Scherpereel. After his work she gave birth to two healthy children.

Mrs. S.from Bavaria

HIV patients showes normal values - Many years have now passed, I am doing well, and thanks to your help, I have been able to overcome the deepest part of my life. At the same time, I have gone far beyond what I can imagine and I do not stop growing. All levels of life were low. I was physically and mentally more or less broken, without hope and faith, materially devastated. Did not really want to live anymore, having experienced so much bad. Then came the diagnosis HIV + (...) Through you I have found my trust, my hope, my faith and my certainty again. All my values are excellent and HIV is no longer detectable.

Mr. J. B. from Berlin

Liberation from a large sect - you've done years of hard work to get me rid of this sect. I still remember how much time and energy it cost you. You saved me from this sect. Nobody was on my side. Only you!

Mrs. F. N. from Dusseldorf

Happiness and healed cystic kidney - Thanks to your help I lead a satisfied and happy life today. I would not live without your help today ... Not just me whom you helped. You healed him. When he was born 9 years ago, he had to spend weeks in the hospital. Both kidneys had cysts. I have asked you for help for him. They healed him. His doctor could not explain this. He is a healthy boy today and a very good student.

Mrs. J. from Rheinand-Pfalz

Serious surgery cancelled - I'm fine. My heart is full of gratitude and I feel as if great darkness has gone from me, but also from me and my husband - something threatening is gone. I am convinced that the power of your prayer extends infinitely beyond what I can gauge. (...)

Mrs. I.N. H. from Hessen

Mediterranean fever - Ms M. K. has been suffering increasingly from muscle and joint pain since 1999 (...) Since 2002, she has been incapacitated for work. In 2005, the correct diagnosis of a Fam. Mediterranean fever was made (...) Despite a last existing therapy in the context of a hospital stay February 2007 (...) there was no improvement (...) stairs had become impossible, so a wheelchair was ordered. In May 2007, Mrs. K. contacted Lucas Scherpereel in the last hope. With him she stayed for three days for daily meditations of about 6 hours. Since then she has been completely symptom-free without medication (...). The healing process is especially noteworthy since the diagnosis of an FMF is a genetic disease that is inaccessible to causal therapy.

Dr. med. K.H. from Munich

Visit to the intensive care unit. Healing from pancreatic cancer - The head doctor of a hospital in the Saarland told the desperate mother: "If the pancreas dissolves, your son is gone!" The pain of the young man was unbearable. He was nine times wired and stunned with morphine. He received concentrated mental work three times a day on site. Already on the third day he sat cross-legged on the bed. Nine months later he went back to work full time.

Mrs. R. W. from Losheim

Hope Help Healing Center Berlin | Lucas Scherpereel

Case studies for consultations

Over a period of just a few months, employees, senior staff and directors of a large authority in Brussels were assessed and reviewed precisely. It was possible to create requirement profiles for positions without the need for many more analysts. Competence, charisma, leadership quality and judgment of candidates were immediately available. The authority got a much more effective personnel structure

The contract in question provided for an investment in the tens of millions with great tax savings. After two minutes of inquiries by Lucas Scherpereel, the customer could be warned against signing. The contract was dubious. In fact, two lawyers for contract law came to the same conclusion, except that their work took half a day. The differences in fees were corresponding.

Despite strong resistance on the part of the divisional manager and colleagues, a contract expiring in a media company could be reactivated.

It was achieved that the employee of a TV station was finally accepted and respected by her colleagues. In the beginning there was even food for famine, later understanding and assistance in the daily life of the single mother. The working atmosphere in the whole team normalized.

After consultation, a furniture and lighting designer withdrew several products from the market, while others were activated. The earnings value of this company has increased continuously since then.

For four years, a house was offered for sale in vain. After only three months of mental work from afar, it went away, according to the price expectations of the seller. The other houses for sale in the village remained unsold.

The lady was in a precarious situation. But within the announced delivery period, the purchase of the car from the upper German class was canceled. There was not even a difference payment needed.


It should be emphasized that spiritual healing and participation in meditative interactions with LUCAS can and should by no means replace the visit of a physician and his diagnostic work and treatment. Nor should you stop taking medications prescribed by doctors.

I take your worries and wishes seriously and am available daily.

Emergencies do not tolerate any delay. If you have a very urgent request and need quick solutions, a personal visit is possible on site after a short consultation and in payment in advance at home and abroad.

It does not matter what you ask. Often can be helped very quickly.

Write me:

+49 (0)30 236 345 80